Sunday, January 11, 2009

Obviously had my head in a hole...

Found this today on Youtube. I had watched some of what was going on when the hurricane hit the New Orleans area, but I missed this entirely.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Further into the fire I go.

O.K. let me piss off a few more people.

Here is a whole site of scary articles (the truth is always scary when it concerns gbush) from FTW.

The second link is for current events.

For some reason it brings back memories of the late 70's when I was offered jail or enlisting in the military for past transgressions of pissed off youth. It was a grand time of smashing & burning. They were smashing and burning our flag so we in turn did the same to them.

Then I screwed up and got caught. Behind closed doors with no lawyers in site I was told I could get a lawyer but then I would go to trial. Since my doings went beyond state lines it would be a federal case, which meant federal prison. I was 17 at the time but was told I would be tried as an adult. Plus I didn't want my mom to have to go thru the crap that would follow. So at 17 I enlisted in the Army. Amazing how it’s against the law to be in the service before the age of 18 but I went thru basic training before that day was reached. I hadn’t even completed high school, which was a condition of acceptance. I figured "what the hell, they would be giving me a fully functional automatic weapon along with a license to use it against the very same fanatics that got me started in this; maybe I could even get that bastard ayatollah in my sights...

Then I found out it was all politics and I didn't stand a gnat’s chance in a hail storm of even getting over to the
Middle East. Instead I found myself over in Germany. The land of beer, food and monthly celebrations. Beautiful girls that weren't stuck-up & materialistic (with fathers met in local pub’s that were more than happy to bring you home to meet them).

Oh yes, I can not leave out the drugs, more than most could really imagine. Quantity, quality, and assortment. From hashish to hallucinogenics, uppers, downers and cocaine, it was all there (except marijuana, that evil devil weed). Something different every day, and I mean every day. It didn’t matter if you were on base or on patrol, pulling guard duty or having war “games”. There was always someone. Officers, NCOs, enlisted personnel and civilians offering to sell, trade, or share something. This was from all different countries. If you were a member of the Allied Forces they wanted to party or barter. Even if they were Eastern Block (commies) they still wanted to party. Most were not as anti-American as our “leaders” said they were. Don’t worry. I didn’t give up any classified information in some drugged-out stupor. I know when somebody is up to no good. I just sometimes ignore my senses. Then it bites me in the ass…

This whole rambling comes around to control. If they can’t do it one way they find another. Everyone I knew was hot to beat down all Shiite extremists they may come in contact with, but we were kept sedate by the drugs that were offered to us daily. But what about drug testing you ask? There was always someone around on that day that would take it for you, usually the n.c.o. that had given you the specimen container in the first place. These were the ones that drank themselves into a stupor every night and changed assignments frequently. Nobody ever really got to know them but they all knew each other.

The other reason this brings back memories is that we had a motto:

FuckTheWorld – we had gotten to a point of not caring anymore.

FromTheWilderness cares, and they helped me to do the same again.

So my brothers & sisters, we must all join together to stop this. I don’t care about race or religion. If you’re African/American my family came here in the early 1900’s so we didn’t have anything to do with your oppression. Yes I think you were victimized and you still are, but look at the hatred you are being taught by your elders and ask yourself why. That hatred cripples your society, it holds you back. I have met many intelligent people from your ethnicity who have this huge chip on their shoulder that translates to a piss-poor attitude against all white men. All that brings is a small amount of jobs to be had. More control. Do you really think that these preachers of hate are on your side? Or are they put there to keep us separate and powerless.

It is said that there will be civil war and lines will be drawn ethnically. I hope that it is untrue, but media will see that it is fed to us that way. It will be a shame to lose so many friends from the past as well as the present. I can only hope that they can see beyond the shear stupidity of it all.

There is talk of a united world power that looks out for us all. Bringing peace to all, ending world hunger, no more strife, blah blah blah…

The NewWorldOrder:

end world hunger = population reduction

no more strife = martial law

peace to all = all of those in charge

Sunday, January 4, 2009

We Were Warned!

I stumbled onto this today. I might be throwing my own ass into the fire pit, but EVERYONE needs to read this.

I would like to thank FTW for putting this out in the first place and Stumble & Google for showing it to me.

Legal stuff first:
“Reprinted with permission, Michael C. Ruppert and From
The Wilderness Publications,, P.O. Box
6061-350, Sherman Oaks, CA, 91413. 818-788-8791. FTW is
published monthly, annual subscriptions are $50 per year.”

We've been screwed for quite a while, and it's about time we as Americans pull our collective heads out of our asses and look at the face of our own destruction.

Then we need to put down our cell phones, P.D.A's & P2P's, or what ever other brain softening device that we have been convinced that we must have (this makes for easier mass brainwashing) stand up straight, and squarely kick our government in the shins, demanding accountability for what was stolen from us and it's return.

I would hope that Pres. Obama will take the first steps. But it seems that he is just a pacifier to the American public. I think that before he can "officially" take command of this country, the BushBoys/NWO will plunge us into another fabricated attack on America. Then marshal law will come into effect and DHS controlled by FEMA will goose step down our streets like the nazi's they are and "try" to take command (for our own good of course).

It just "maybe" time to find the local SonsOfLiberty & join the right side. This goes to all enlisted & police personnel that know deep down that what is happening to our country is wrong.

To all of the slimy fakes who think they can slip in and keep the NWO up on things - You will be found and dealt with swiftly. There is no hiding and no escape, you are probably already known.

This is all for now.

I'm sorry to the American public that I did not start searching for this a long time ago and let it be known. My lazy ass figured someone else already had. I forgot about the voices of many must ring out so that all can hear.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


According to this post (which it seems all links have been 404'd) the AQ Was a fabrication.
Go figure...

You tell me.
Please comment, good, bad, whatever. I just want to know if folks out there are keeping up on our newworldorder.

Monday, September 3, 2007

dead link

The post was deleted due to the link being dead.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Just passin thru

Had to add a give away of the day link

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Had to take at least a couple of minutes to add a few links...
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